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French style furniture

Beverley Hills Home offers you a great choice of high quality, French style furniture, accessories and soft furnishings. But how do you define French style Furniture? Is it either Shabby chic or Rococo, also referred to as "Late Baroque", an 18th-century style which developed as baroque artists gave up their symmetry and became increasingly ornate, florid, and playful.


Rococo rooms were designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate French style furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, and tapestry complementing architecture, relief’s, and wall paintings. The French are renowned for their chic style and taking care of their personal appearance, just consider the lasting influence of Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, and their homes are no different which shows in their design and French look, think le Corbusier for architecture or Picasso for art and ceramics.


Of course when it comes to the French’s style and design in furniture, soft furnishings, and home accessories it can be very varied and you should find that there is something to suit your taste. Tables, chairs, sofas, bean bag chairs, or cushions, throws, rugs Furniture or accessories, to complement your lifestyle, whether your home is a grand Chateau a small apartment, or more likely somewhere between the two! If you like the idea of French style furniture but are still not 100% sure on the style that you would like then looking online for inspiration is a great first step. When you browse at Beverley Hills Home you can look at furniture, finishes and accessories that are available.


This gives you lots of ideas of what is available and should help you when it comes to choosing the pieces of French style furniture that you want throughout your home. Even if you don’t go for the identical décor that is shown in the images or room sets, it can give you a feel for what you like and don’t like, making the whole decision making process that much more straightforward. We can offer your home French style furniture using chic modern styling or more traditional Rococo or neo classical French style furniture. We also offer Sonia Rykiel maison French accessories, to dress your French style furniture in a very chic and stylish way, with cushions, sofa throws, designer rugs, bean bag chairs and wall decals.