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Hurricane lamps

Hurricane lamps are portable lanterns used to illuminate areas. Lanterns have been produced by various manufactures to become decorative and provide attractive source of lighting. Hurricane lamps are attractive sources of light featuring candles for low light level giving varieties used for decoration. Hurricane lamps are also termed as Candle lanterns and are also used more generically to mean a 'light source' or the enclosure for a light source. Examples are glass pane enclosed street lights. Historically all our street lamps were forms of Hurricane lamps being fuelled by gas or oil.


Hurricane lamps can be used indoors as well as outdoors as garden lanterns, making them a versatile form of decoration. Often sold in pairs or in a cascade of varying sizes they can add a focal point to a room.


Hurricane lamps look spectacular on a Dining Table if used in their miniature form. We have various sizes that work well on a dining table setting. Hurricane lamps provide a safe option when using candles as a source of atmospheric decoration. The enclosed space keeps the candle flame safe from catching objects in close proximity to catch alight. The hurricane lamps that we have selected are both traditional and modern and will sit well into almost any interior decoration. Traditional hurricane lamps resemble old fashioned street lamps. Modern hurricane lamps are in striking nickel effect that add a sharp decorative appeal to a modern interior space, and can have the look of a stylish storm lamp. Morocco is home to many decorative hurricane lamps.


The Moroccan influence has found its way to many suppliers that we have sourced from and their intricate detail and fretwork in the metal provide a truly exciting decorative light source. Hurricane lamps are commonly used in outdoor settings. They are popular as they provide a good light source of candle but are beautifully protected from wind and breeze as they sit inside attractive nickel and glass cases. Garden lanterns easily sit on patios and decking, they can be set out around a garden to provide a wonderfully ambient setting .