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Wine Coolers


Wine Coolers and champagne coolers are an essential wine accessory, as its important that wine should always be served at the correct temperature, which is why we offer a wide range of wine coolers, including large capacity wine coolers, champagne coolers and ice buckets.


Even in the UK, where we don’t often have really hot weather, we can help you to stylishly keep your bottle extra cool when serving it at the table, at any time of the year; Take a look at our great selection of champagne buckets and wine coolers, which also includes bottle stands and larger capacity wine coolers which hold up to 4 bottles.


Be the perfect host or hostess and keep your bottle on ice with our wide range of stylish champagne buckets and wine coolers. Ideal for dinner parties, functions and bars, we offer stainless steel champagne buckets, shiny nickel champagne buckets and glass champagne buckets, and our wine coolers also make fantastic gifts, for weddings, house warming or any celebration. If you find yourself running out of room on the dining room table or sideboard, our range of wine champagne bucket stands and wine coolers on a stand offer a practical solution.


There are some classic designs to choose from, all of which will look great whether for use in a dining room or outside at a summer party or celebration. Finally, should you add water to the ice cubes in your wine cooler? If you add water to the ice a bottle of wine will chill from room temperature in approximately 15 minutes. If you don't add water to the ice cubes the bottle of wine may take more than an hour to chill in the wine cooler. We recommend that your container is filled half to two thirds full of ice cubes and water is added up to the level of the ice. Then add the drinks you want to chill to your wine cooler. Perfect!